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Delta Airlines is a very familiar name to those who frequently fly. It a worldwide known airlines company. However, there are some Fun Facts about Delta airline reservations, which are unknown to public knowledge. So here are presenting some facts about Delta airlines. You may already know some of them but read to refresh your knowledge.

How it started - Well Not many companies are known for changing their business, then become successful in it. However, Delta manages to do it with all the success. It was started a small drop dusting company known as Huff da land dusters founded in 1924. It was also the first commercial agricultural flying company.

In 1928, The owner sold Huff da land duster, renamed as delta air service, beginning flying From Mississippi.

Fortune 50 -

Who does not to work in a great company. A company who takes care of its employees has already done half the job. Now the employees will take care of their customers. In 2016, Delta airline reservations official site got 31 ranked in fortune 50 of the list  100 companies best to work for. The list was about admired companies in the world.

Then delta airlines reservations took another spot in fortune 100 When it ranked 63, Best out of 100 companies to work for, why it was such a big thing because according to fortune, this was the first time, an airline company made in the list.

However, what could be the reason behind delta such a successful company. Well, Delta takes care of its employees. It is committed to rewarding employees. In 2016, In a report, Delta made more than 8 billion in revenue before taxes. It returned around 1 billion to its employees through its profit sharing program.


Providing Comfort to its passengers -

Delta airlines reservations as taking care of its employees, it also keeps providing comfort to its passengers. In 2016, Delta announced to offer free inflight entertainment. Even here, Delta Airlines was the first airline company to announce it.

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